ARC Coating

Advanced Reinforced Composites

ARC coating is specifically formulated and engineered to be used in a wide range of harsh environments and conditions.

With outstanding adhesion, superior mechanical strength, excellent permeation, chemical and wear resistance, 100% solids and solvent-free, Imatech’s ARC coating will help you protect your investment.

Metal Coating

With industries facing adverse environmental conditions that attack components and structures, companies need solutions that will secure plant reliability, increase safety and profit, and offer protection.

Imatech’s high-performance epoxy coatings and ceramic composites provide you with long-term protection from abrasion and corrosion – avoiding costly structural rebuilds. Our metal coatings not only simplify maintenance, but also reduce down-time.

Concrete Coating

Concrete damage caused by exposure to aggressive conditions is widespread and affects many industries – resulting in compromised plant reliability, safety and lost profits.

Imatech’s protective concrete coatings resist all types of chemical exposure and corrosion, possessing the durability to withstand varied foot and vehicle traffic. Our concrete lining products are designed to match the thermal characteristics of concrete, ensuring lasting results.

Our range of concrete coatings and repair systems are engineered for compatibility with a wide range of chemicals to cater to your needs, while increasing operational efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs.