Industrial Lubrication

Imatech’s specialty oil and grease industrial lubrication systems are designed to improve equipment reliability, while reducing energy and plant shutdown costs. Chesterton® lubricants provide quality, performance and support for your maintenance operations and production process. Our team of experts develop solutions that are not only optimised for your specific industrial applications, but also increase reliability and reduce energy costs.

The extraordinary results we achieve for customers stems from our experience and ability to supply, monitor, service and provide guidance on the best performance-designed lubrication systems for chains, wire ropes and bearings.

While conventional lubricants don’t penetrate tight spaces, our chain and bearing lubricants are formulated to penetrate to the core – providing critical internal lubrication and protection from corrosion. Apart from an improved operational performance, our products also prevent equipment failure – saving labour down-time and high replacement and repair costs.


Chain Lubricant Oil

Chain reliability is often overlooked in day-to-day operations. The associated cost of retensioning clean up caused by build-up and contamination of traditional chain lubricants is not always considered in the overall cost of maintenance, or in the interruption to the production process.

The industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. Properly lubricated chains reduce load on motors and can lead to considerable savings in energy costs.

Product characteristics of our industrial lubrications include:

  • Broad temperature ranges
  • Corrosion inhibiting properties
  • Detergency additives – no dust and dirt build up
  • Food-grade available
  • Long-lasting, non-drying films
  • No sticky lubricant residues
  • Non-carbonising and low evaporation rate (synthetics)
  • NSF registered
  • Penetrates close tolerances
  • Pressure additives to increase load carrying ability
  • Rapid penetration
  • Self-cleaning

Extending Chain Life – White Paper

Bearing Lubricant Grease

Bearings seldom reach the life recommended by the manufacturer. Although mechanical issues can be a problem, the most common reason for bearing failure is improper lubrication. Too much or too little grease can lead to bearing failure. So many factors need to be considered when choosing a lubricant and to calculate the correct amount of grease required, including operating temperature and load speed, as well as how much and how often.

We take the hassle out of lubricant grease selection. After analysing your application, we recommend the correct product, quantity and feed rate intervals, so your bearings realise their full life potential.

Imatech Solutions

Our industrial lubrication products provide improved equipment reliability at the lowest operating cost.

Read more about our industrial lubrication solutions below.

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