Rapid Cure and Emergency Repair

Sometimes, equipment must be back online immediately, but the alternative is still days away. Imatech’s rapid cure and emergency repair solutions can be trusted when it matters – getting your plant running until a permanent solution can be put in place.

Our rapid repair compounds mend and protect all surfaces subject to abrasion, corrosion and erosion. They also provide a rapid sealing option for the water.

Proven to provide excellent short-term results, our solutions withstand heavy abrasion, allow for outstanding adhesion, offer ease of application and enable you to return to service in one hour.

Rapid Cure, Great Results.

  • High quality alumina reinforcement to withstand heavy abrasion.
  • Advanced surface tolerant chemistry allows for outstanding adhesion and great performance, even when ideal surface preparation is not possible.
  • Ease of application significantly reduces labour and downtime costs.
  • Easily shaped and formed to any metal surface.
  • Rapid cure time allows you to return to service in 1 hour.

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