Imatech provides a range of pumps to facilitate the continuous development of pump efficiencies, while countering energy and maintenance costs in accordance with your operating environment.

Pump Efficiency Improvement Program (PEIP)

Imatech’s Pump Efficiency Improvement Program (PEIP) is aimed at improving the efficiency of your utility rotating pump assets, by enhancing pump reliability and availability and optimising energy efficiency to reduce total lifecycle costs. This is achieved through the application of specialised engineered composite technologies, that protect the surface against corrosion, erosion and abrasion mechanisms.

Enhancements and upgrades can be made to bearing, sealing and lubrication systems on your pump asset.

Vertical Turbine Pumps

ArmorPUMP vertical turbine pumps are an advanced pump solution designed to combat heavy abrasion, erosion and corrosion, while increasing the product lifecycle. Customised and manufactured to increase pump flow rates and MTBF, the pumps provide longer service life. These internal parts are also designed to be interchangeable with standard OEM parts – providing superior wear protection and performance.

Whether redesigning or refurbishing your existing vertical turbine pumps, ArmorPUMP covers a range of hydraulic conditions to meet your pumping system requirements. Our solutions also include site inspections, assembly and installation, along with our PEIP, to ensure pump efficiency with decreased energy costs.

IMATECH solutions

Counter energy and maintenance costs with wear-resistant pumps.

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