RubbaFIX™ is a simple, one-component rubber repair product that is designed for repairing damaged conveyor belts and other equipment.

RubbaFIX® requires no special primer and will maintain a constant durometer of the rubber belt until the next scheduled maintenance shutdown.

FRAS-rated now available:

  • 30% stronger than previous RubbaFIX® granules on rubber surfaces, with enhanced adhesion to PVC, PVG, nitrile, ceramic, fabric and metallic surfaces.
  • Suitable for areas where flame-resistance and anti-static materials are required.
  • Compliant with ignitability, flame propagation characteristics and oxygen index requirements.


RubbaFIX® applicators ensure speed, efficiency and quality.

RubbaFIX® Application Instructional Video

  • MELTA Mini

    The MELTA Mini is a high-performance heat gun designed to efficiently apply the RubbaFIX® rubber repair compound to conveyor belts and rubber surfaces. With a 250g compartment, it is ideal for small rubber surface repairs, while eliminating the cost of replacing rubber linings.

    The MELTA Mini is lightweight and easy to handle. Extending the operating life and performance of your conveyor belts and equipment, it allows you to get back into action sooner.

  • MELTA Pro

    The MELTA Pro is a high-performance applicator specifically designed to rapidly apply the RubbaFIX® rubber repair compound over large repair areas – effectively eliminating the cost of replacing rubber linings. With a 5kg tank utilising a high flow mechanical pump, the RubbaFIX compound is fed through a heated hose to the applicator gun, where it reliably repairs large rubber surfaces.

    This product is the fastest, most effective solution for significantly extending rubber conveyor belt and equipment life – getting you back into action sooner.

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