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ArmorPIPE® technology provides engineered abrasion-resistant piping systems to the mining and mineral processing sectors, handling abrasive slurries and mine backfill.

ArmorPIPE® was developed from industry demand for a dedicated service-providing pipe lining and coating technology, to meet specific client and market requirements in abrasive material handling.


Imatech has developed material and proprietary pipe lining technology for the purpose of providing exceptional levels of resistance to abrasion, as well as protection from corrosion and erosion in pipe bends and associated fittings.

  • ArmorBEND®

    ArmorBEND® ceramic-reinforced bends and elbows are designed to address higher levels of abrasion at the point of impingement of an elbow. Highly reinforced with a tough, energy-absorbing, repairable, monolithic ArmorPIPE® ceramic composite system, the product addresses abrasion through varying thicknesses of composite lining throughout the component – ensuring high wear areas have the most protection.


    ArmorBEND® has proven to be a genuine bolt in-bolt out replacement, which maximises the component life while honouring the original hydraulic radius. Our repairs ensure that the component is returned to service at a fraction of the initial purchase price.


    Features and Benefits:

    • Components are bolt in-bolt out replacements
    • Rebated flanges can be incorporated to protect the flange face from undercutting
    • Repairable linings mean you pay for pipe fabrication only once
    • Energy absorbent ceramic lining will not crack or delaminate
    • It significantly extends component life over concentrically-lined fittings
    • Custom designed and optimised for your application
    • Wear monitoring pins available


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  • ArmorPIPE® 6500 Series


    The ArmorPIPE® 6500 Series has been developed with a minimum 3mm thick pipe lining technology to resist wear abrasion, corrosion and erosion – with the added advantage of not requiring specialised installation tools.


    The 6500 Series pipe liner technology maximises the benefits of the extreme hardness of high-grade ceramic particles, along with the ability to increase plant reliability and reduce overall production costs. It is an economical alternative to both the ArmorPIPE® 7500 and 9200 Series in low-medium abrasion applications.


    Features and Benefits:

    • 3mm-thick pipe lining
    • Seamless borehole transitioning
    • Unblock lines with reduced risk of pipe lining damage
    • Lightweight composite reduces manual handling issues
    • Threaded, flanges, welded, Victaulic style available

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  • ArmorPIPE® 7500 Series


    The ArmorPIPE® 7500 Series has been developed with a higher ceramic concentration to withstand wear abrasion from moderate to high velocity applications. Additionally, the series possesses dramatically higher adhesion capabilities – eliminating the risk of delamination and relining in comparison to traditional non-metallic pipe lining.


    Its unique product features are custom designed and optimised to reduce wear abrasion and overall maintenance costs, while increasing plant system reliability.


    Features and Benefits:

    • Moderate to high velocity capabilities that resist high levels of wear abrasion
    • Typical pipe lining thickness – 6-12mm, depending on throughput requirements
    • Welded couplings available


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  • ArmorPIPE® 9200 Series

    The ArmorPIPE® 9200 Series has been developed with superior pipe lining technology optimised with high-grade ceramic particles – possessing reinforced packing density to resist matrix erosion.


    In addition, the product’s high cohesive and adhesive features eliminate the risk of catastrophic pipe lining failure, while increasing plant reliability and reducing overall production costs. Our pipe lining technology is most economically utilised in extreme abrasion and high velocity applications, including boreholes and shafts.


    Features and Benefits:

    • Rigid drill pipe thread design
    • Energy absorbent matrix
    • Very high bond strength composite
    • Monolithic – no seams or joins
    • Proven long term abrasion resistance in terminal velocity hydraulic fill applications

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  • ArmorPIPE® Basalt Series


    The new force of ArmorPIPE® Basalt Series pipes are a cost-effective and lasting pipe solution for abrasive environments, with a pipe liner resistant to most acids and alkalis.


    Our unique pipe lining offers significant life extension over traditional pipe liner materials, such as cast iron, rubber, polyurethane and carbon steel. Our quick turnaround times will maximise your production, while minimising costs resulting from down-time and change outs.


    We offer a complete service package for applications in coal handling and preparation, power station ash handling, potash handling and slurry and dry abrasive applications. With our open consultative approach and exclusive pipe scanning technology, our team can scan your pipes and bends to give you real data and drawings.


    Features and Benefits:

    • Superior detailed drawings that give you more control over your assets
    • Customised reports detailing pipe condition
    • Wear rates and predicted pipe life
    • Maintenance recommendations and budget cost projections
    • Timely deliveries


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  • ArmorPIPE® Engineered Ceramic Segments


    ArmorPIPE® Engineered Ceramic Segments are ceramics bonded in rubber, designed to combine the abrasion-resistant properties of ceramic with the energy-absorbing properties of modern elastomers for your pipe lining. Utilising proprietary surface treatments, the bond between the ceramic and the elastomer is greater than the tensile strength of the latter.


    Unlike traditional ceramic tiles that become brittle as they wear, ArmorPIPE® Engineered Ceramic Segments wear down entirely over time – resulting in a reliable, cost-effective solution for high-tonnage, large-diameter pipe services. These flexible elastomers provide superior protection from impact and thermal cycling, increasing the duration of your system life and time intervals between each shut down.


    Features and Benefits:

    • High levels of abrasion resistance without the brittleness typically associated with traditional ceramics
    • Flexible elastomers provide protection from impact and thermal cycling
    • Custom-blended elastomers provide resistance to a variety of chemicals including acids, alkalis and hydrocarbons


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  • ArmorPIPE® Fittings


    ArmorPIPE® Fittings are custom designed and manufactured bolt in-bolt out replacement components. The enhanced leading-edge protection and lining bias, with reinforced protection in high wear areas, optimises your system – increasing system life and avoiding high replacement costs.


    Any existing components can be rebuilt and upgraded to ArmorPIPE® specifications to increase resistance to abrasion and improve efficiency. Rather than use a one fits all approach, Imatech chooses the most appropriate ceramic composite materials and lining thickness for your application, to enhance performance at a realistic price and reduce your down-time. By an assessment of your process conditions and service requirements, we can provide the most cost-effective pipe solutions.


    Features and Benefits:

    • Tough linings will not crack or delaminate; linings wear out not fall out
    • Our customised solutions are bolt in-bolt out replacements
    • ArmorPIPE® designs maintain the original hydraulic radius
    • Wear monitoring systems available
    • Repairable lining systems – fabricate once and maintain for the life of the plant
    • Custom designed and optimised for your application


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