Heat Exchangers and Condensers

Focused on delivering smarter and better practices to the process industries, our heat exchangers and condensers provide preventative maintenance solutions.

With experts including chemists, material scientists, non-destructive testing technicians and NACE-accredited professionals, Imatech can find a solution to meet your facility’s requirements.

Imatech is a leader in providing engineered solutions and services to the energy and petrochemical sectors.

Our offering includes heat exchangers and condensers, pipework, safety, corrosive environments and gas-fired engines.

Anti-Corrosive Coatings

Imatech specialises in providing effective anti-corrosive coatings that extend equipment life and protect your components and investment.

Our advanced composite ceramic coatings offer high bond strength under film corrosion, with permeation resistance to counter osmosis from a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

Imatech offers a complete range of protective coatings, designed for specific industrial applications.

Water Box Re-Build and Coating

Sea Water Condenser

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