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Imatech’s DynaVibe™ system is an innovative solution for freeing material build-up in problematic areas of mineral processing plants. Comprising of high-tensile-strength moly-rubber, they are custom designed specifically for each individual application; taking into account material type and size, drop height, angle of impact, belt speed and tonnage rates.

Material build-up is an increasing problem across the mineral processing industry as mining operations dig deeper into the water table, in search of high grade ore. The root cause of many material handling issues, including loss of production and belt tracking, can be traced back to material build-up.

DynaVibe™ wear liners are made from wear resistant high-tensile-rubber of varying thickness, depending on the application. The rubber contains a molybdenum disulfide compound that reduces surface friction on the wear liners and aids in the freeing of build-up. The rubber is vulcanised to a mild-steel backing plate around the perimeter of the wear liner only. Air is pumped through ports in the backing wear plate, expanding the entire thickness of the rubber.

The expansion and stretching of the rubber breaks the surface tension of the build-up causing it to break free from the wear liners and eliminating the need for hosing to free the built-up material.