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High-density alumina ceramic tiles moulded in high-tensile strength rubber

Imatech’s CorroTile™ wear liners are the most advanced and cost effective solution for operationally critical bulk material handling applications. The wear resistant properties of ceramic with the impact absorption capacity of rubber have been combined to create the ideal solution to resist impact, abrasion and high tonnage applications.

Our CorroTile™ wear liners comprise of high-density alumina ceramic tiles, moulded in a high-tensile-strength rubber matrix, reinforced with a steel backing plate.

The most critical feature in the performance of any ceramic liner is the bond-strength between the ceramic and the matrix. CorroTile™ proprietary manufacturing process ensures a bond-strength between the rubber and ceramic that exceeds the tensile strength of the rubber. This results in a wear liner with superior wear resistance providing reliable and predictable wear through the full thickness of the wear material.

CorroTile™ wear liners are custom designed to suit the specific requirements of an application and can incorporate a range of ceramic formulations and fixing methods. This offers the optimum solution to a range of issues including wear resistance and ease of maintenance.