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G-450 TESTING GUN (Heat Exchanger Tube Tester)

Our Heat Exchanger G-450 Air Activated Tube Tester is designed for testing individual straight – through heat exchanger tubes where access is limited to only one tube end. This high performance lightweight air activated tube tester has an integral pressure gauge that indicates leaks, with a pressure reduction being seen.

Our heat exchanger air activated tube testing technology can reveal leaks without removing both tube heads and provide preventative maintenance solutions to reduce shutdown and turnaround costs.

G-450 Leak Testing Gun


G-250 TESTING GUN (Heat Exchanger Vacuum Test Equipment)

Our G-250 Heat Exchanger Tube Testing Gun vacuum tests individual tubes for pinhole leaks. This quality assured testing gun is simple and easy to operate and functions by evacuating the tube. This unique technology displays any loss of vacuum through a gauge that indicates a tube leak rapidly and efficiently.

Our unique tapered seal design allows you to test a large range of tube IDs without changing the seals, washers or support rods; reducing maintenance and downtime costs.

G250 Leak Testing Gun


G-650 TESTING GUN (Heat Exchanger Tube Tester)

Find tube joint leaks fast with unique vacuum tester.

Our G-650 Heat Exchanger Vacuum Joint Testing Gun uses air pressure to generate a vacuum around the tube-to-tube sheet joint, to pinpoint leaking connections. Any reduction in vacuum shown on the integral gauge indicates a faulty tube joint. This unique light weight technology finds tube joint leaks rapidly and effectively with its unique vacuum tester.

Our ability to quickly detect even the smallest leaks, with the use of our unique vacuum tester, can save you valuable downtime and repair costs.

G650 Leak Testing Gun