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Now available with Imatech Energy Technologies

Mechanical Tube Cleaning Pump

Our mechanical tube cleaning pumping system is used in conjunction with tube projectiles in order to remove deposit from condenser and heat exchanger tubes.  This system works by increasing the available water pressure in order to propel mechanical projectiles and flush out tube deposits.

Our pumping system is user friendly and perfect for a wide range of condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning projects, that allows us to provide you a reliable solution, while reducing your downtime expenses and production costs substantially.

Our system features:

  • Positive displacement plunger pumps to pressurise water
  • 10 horse power three phase motor
  • Adjustable pressure regulators that allow you to increase and decrease the available pressure
  • Increases flow rate to 35 gallons per minute

Tube Cleaning Water Gun

Our tube cleaning water gun is designed for durability, smooth function and user friendliness. These guns have a smoother trigger action, which reduces user fatigue and with a more durable design, it translates to a longer lasting gun.

Our tube cleaning water gun is available as just the frame or a complete assembly which includes gun frame, heavy duty swivel, gauge adapter, gauge, splash guard and a nozzle. With the tube cleaning water gun we can accommodate all your service requirements in the most economical manner and reduce your downtime, saving you money.



Our nozzles are designed for the mechanical tube cleaning processes.  The nozzles are made to fit snugly in each tube in order to make a complete seal and effectively propel projectiles. We can provide you these nozzles in brass, delrin or stainless steel and in a wide range of nozzle sizes. With these nozzles we can save you considerable maintenance and downtime costs.


Inlet and Outlet Hoses

Our inlet and outlet hoses are durable mine spray hoses that can accommodate pressures up to 1,000 psi.  The inlet hose is a 1½” diameter hose that connects the water supply to our pumping system.  The ¾” outlet hose runs from the pump to the gun and is durable, but also light and user friendly.  We can now provide you both hoses equipped with national pipe thread pressed fittings that makes it effortless to hook up at your facility.


Fibreglass Push Rod

Our flexible fibreglass rod is used for removing blockages from obstructed tubes.  We can now provide the rod with a durable brass tip for pounding out blockages. Its flexibility allows it to be manoeuvred into confined spaces, like condensers and heat exchanger tubes.

Our fiberglass rods can be cut to any length necessary. With our fibreglass push rod, we are able to extend the life of your heat exchanger with reliable maintenance solutions.



Our accumulator is a vital piece of equipment to use in conjunction with our pumping system.  While cleaning tubes, pulling and releasing the water gun trigger creates vibrations that represent sharp changes in pressure levels.

Our accumulator is used in order to absorb these changes in pressure.  Without this dynamic piece of equipment, facilities like water supply lines or other associated equipment such as hoses and gauges could be damaged. With the accumulator we can provide you a reliable solution, while reducing your downtime expenses and repair costs substantially.