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Energy technologies offers all types of quality pipe support systems, bellows, pipe expansion joints, fabricated pipe shoes, guides, anchors and other support assembly components. We are dedicated to the production of pipe insulation products for both elevated  and cryogenic applications. We aim to fabricate a successful solution that uses the finest products in pipe supports.We understand the industry challenges and aim to develop the most optimum and satisfactory solutions for all our customers. Our experienced network of specialists develop solutions that are not only optimised for your specific industrial applications but reduce your labour and maintenance costs as well. Along with monitoring and servicing our regular operations clients, Imatech offers the reliability and the support you seek for the maintenance of your infrastructure.

Engineered Pipe Supports

  • Constant spring hangers
  • Variable supports
  • Bing ton snubbers and sway braces
  • Sway strut assemblies

Slide Plates

  • Miscellaneous fabricated products
  • Pig launchers and receivers (intelligent pigs)
  • Bellmouth reducers

Fabricated pipe shots shoes, guides & anchors

  • Hot shoes for high temperatures
  • Cold shoes for cryogenic  lines
  • Pipe guides
  • Pipe anchors
  • Pipe stands

Expansion Joints

  • Metallic expansion joints
  • Thin wall
  • Single
  • Hinged
  • Gimbal
  • Universal
  • Elbow pressure balanced
  • In-line pressure balanced
  • Externally pressurized
  • Toroidal
  • Thick wall
  • Slip type
  • Rectangular
  • Fabric expansion joints

Support Assembly Components

  • Pipe hangers, clamps and risers
  • Clevis hangers
  • Beam attachments
  • Hold down clamps
  • Hardware, rods and u-bolt
  • Saddle supports and coverings