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Spark Plugs for Gas Engines

Our Denso Spark Plugs for high compression gas engines dramatically increase engine performance, wear resistance and durability.  The exclusive cross groove design not only improves sparking performance and fuel consumption but also brings outstanding decreases in required voltage and operational cost.

Saver Performer spark

Iridium Saver

Our Iridium Saver spark plugs range is a high efficiency, durable spark plugs range for gas engines that combines the performance benefits of Iridium technology with a number of environmental benefits. The specialist technology used in our spark plugs increases durability and engine performance, making them ideal for high-compression lean burn engines. Our spark plugs range not only minimise cost but also provide the high performance and cost efficiency you seek.

Iridium Saver Performer

Our Saver Performer spark plugs have a unique high welding point that dramatically improve wear resistance and performance compared to other iridium spark plugs. With secure welding of the tip, our spark plugs can withstand extreme engine conditions and dramatically reduce the required voltage and operational cost.

Iridium Saver DDI

Our Iridium Saver DDI spark plugs dramatically improve wear resistance and performance compared to other Iridium spark plugs.  We direct laser welding which allows reliable and high performance in high temperature combustion engines. By suppressing gap expansion with double iridium pads on both sides we ensure and  extend the spark plugs’ durability.