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Now available with Imatech Energy Technologies

Metal Projectile Tube Cleaner

Our metal projectile tube cleaners are specifically designed to remove extremely difficult deposits from heat exchanger and condenser tubes that cover a large range of sizes.

They are able to remove all types of condenser tube deposits, including mud, silt, slime, mineral deposits such as manganese and calcium based compounds, oxidised compounds and various micro and macro biologic fouling. It employs durable rubber bushings, which allow for a longer tube cleaner life expectancy of approximately 15 passes.

By providing a longer life expectancy and through our superior quality of cleaning, we are able to provide reliable maintenance solutions to reduce your shutdown and turnaround costs.


Plastic Projectile Tube Cleaner

Our plastic projectile tube cleaner utilises the same design as the metal projectile tube cleaner, but comes equipped with thick polymer blades. The polymer blades are perfect for softer condenser and heat exchanger deposits, such as mud, silt, and slime.  Compared with other plastic tube cleaners this design represents superior quality and longer life expectancy that allows us to help you reduce your maintenance and future repair costs.


U-Tube Projectile Tube Cleaner

Our u-tube projectile tube cleaner represents a smaller version of the metal projectile.  The miniature design is specifically used to navigate tight radii found in u-tube heat exchangers.

This design utilises a central, delrin pin which allows for greater flexibility in cleaning, when bending around radii and straight sections. These tube cleaners are now available for a wide range of heat exchanger tube sizes that allows us to provide you simpler and cost effective maintenance solutions.


Nylon Brush

Our nylon brush tube cleaners represent an industry standard design perfect for softer condenser and heat exchanger tube deposits, such as mud, silt, and slime. These brushes are designed for internally enhanced tubing in which metal projectiles may not be used.

The numerous number of nylon filaments ensures that softer deposits are effectively agitated and removed from each tube. Our nylon brush utilises a bi-directional design, which allows the bristles to take wear and tear in both directions. This contributes to the longer life span of your heat exchanger and allows us to help you reduce the frequency of shutdowns and maintenance costs.


Stainless Steel Brush

Our twisted wire stainless steel brushes are significantly durable and comprise of more wire filament, which provides superior cleaning. These brushes are perfect for soft – medium condenser and heat exchanger tube deposits, such as some mineral deposits and thick mud and clay deposits.  It also works well with removing harder deposits from internally enhanced tubes where metal projectiles may not be used.

The rubber end piece makes the brush user friendly and assists in propelling the brush down the tubes. This stainless steel brush makes maintenance easier and cost effective, aiding us in providing preventative maintenance solutions.