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Imatech Energy Technologies specialise in providing effective anti-corrosion coating solutions that extend equipment life and protect your components and investment.

Our advanced composite ceramic coatings offer high bond strength to resist under film corrosion with high permeation resistance to resist osmosis from a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

We offer a complete range of protective coatings designed for specific industrial applications to help you reduce downtime and production costs.

Water Boxes

We can refurbish and extend the life of your corroded Water Boxes and Tubesheets, by building them back to their original profile. Our advanced ceramic composite ARC coatings offer protection from corrosion that will allow your equipment to operate well, even in fluctuating chemical environments.

    • High gloss finish reduces drag and improves pump efficiency on worn components.
    • Tough resin structure resists thermal-mechanical shock.
    • Outstanding adhesion ensures reliable performance against under film corrosion.
    • Labour and downtime are reduced due to ease of application and rapid curing.
    • Convenient 2-1 volumetric mix ratio and verification of mix by colour change.

Water Box Re-Build & Coating
Sea Water Condenser

ARC Ceramic Composite Coatings

ARC Coated Water Box

Corroded Water box

ARC Ceramic Composite Coatings

ARC Coated Water Box

Corroded Water Box