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Imatech Cutting Edge Technologies offers superior Metal Working Fluids which are designed to extend tool and sump life and reduce the total cost of cutting metal; while minimising environmental and worker impact.

Our high performance, low maintenance synthetic lubricant range can provide superior lubricity and protection against bacterial growth and cooling, for a variety of your maintenance operations. Our team of experts develop solutions that are not only optimised for your specific industrial applications but also increase reliability and reduce the likelihood of equipment failure.

Our synthetic lubricant range provides protection from corrosion and possesses superior heat dissipation capabilities; prolonging tool life and increasing production rates with higher feeds and speeds. It is formulated to penetrate to the machine core, providing critical internal lubrication and corrosion control. Along with an improved operational performance, our synthetic lubricant range prevents equipment failure, saving labour downtime and reducing high replacement and repair costs; while providing a cleaner and safer work environment.

 Metal Working Fluids