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Cutting Edge Technologies offers a broad range of maintenance chemicals to improve the speed and effectiveness of maintenance operations, while improving worker safety and minimising environmental impact. The maintenance chemicals we provide offer expertise and support for your maintenance operations and the entire production process.

Our high quality, fast acting oils and lubricants and penetrating anti-seize compounds, reach inaccessible areas and free frozen units, bolts and fittings; without damaging the base metal of your equipment. They are designed to deliver thermal stability, resist high temperature and extreme pressure while providing corrosion control, equipment durability and resistance to abrasion.

Along with an improved operational performance, our products prevent equipment failure, saving high replacement and repair costs. Additionally, we can reduce your maintenance downtime while minimising the impact on your safety and the environment. We are dedicated to learning the specific requirements of your application to tailor recommendations and help you exceed your expected results.

 Maintenance specialties in the Food Industry