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Imatech Cutting Edge Technologies offers specialty protection from corrosion for both metal and concrete. Our corrosion control products provide short and long term protection of metal parts in storage and shipment. The products unique design allows it to displace water from wet or damp surfaces and offers excellent chemical resistance.

Our corrosion prevention products form a fast penetrating coating which forms a seal over surfaces such as concrete floors, walls, pavements and structures, where it reduces dusting, deterioration and damage due to weathering. Along with an improved operational performance, our corrosion control products prevent equipment failure; saving high replacement and repair costs. Our corrosion control products provide the flexibility and performance you need, with our ability to make surfaces easier to clean and provide instant touch-up protection for scratches and scrapes of painted metals. Additionally, we can reduce your maintenance downtime while minimising the impact on your safety and the environment.

Imatech’s team of experts develop solutions that are not only optimised for your specific industrial applications, but also increase reliability and reduce energy costs; while adding economic value.

 Corrosion Control of Sugar Mill Shredder