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Bearings seldom reach the life recommended by the manufacturer. Although mechanical issues can be a problem, the most common reason for bearing failure is improper lubrication.  Too much or not enough grease can lead to bearing failure.  So many factors need to be considered when choosing a grease and to calculate the correct amount of grease required, such as; operating temperature and load speed as well as how much and how often.

We take the hassle out of grease selection. By analysing your application we can recommend the correct product, quantity and feed rate intervals, so that your bearings realise their full life potential.

Product characteristics of our greases:

  • Corrosion inhibiting properties
  • Anti-oxidants to prevent hardening or crystallisation
  • Exceptional shear resistance
  • Compatible with most greases
  • Resistance to high water washout available
  • Food grade available
  • High temperature available
  • Quiet Bearing Technology (QBT)
 Lubricated Bearings