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Chain-Lubrication Part 2

Chain lubrication properties and what to look for, to give the best possible solution for this precision piece of machinery.

Imatech Cutting Edge Technologies Newsletter

When lubricating a chain, typically the thinner the lubricant the more effective the penetration. However, the thinner the lubricant, the lower the film strength will be. There needs to be a balance between thickness and thinness in film strength. What we are trying to achieve is a full, consistent and continuous film of lubricant that resists the compressive loads, as you tension the chain.

A lubricant properly designed with heavily fortified amounts of additives increases the performance of the lubricant, only requiring 2 or 3 drops.

Another consideration is that it should leave no residue. As some lubricants do, it has to have the ability to clean away unnecessary amounts of residue.

The removal of dust, dirt, atmospheric debris and keeping the chain clean can be achieved with just a few drops of lubricant. The lubricant must form a very strong extreme pressure and anti-wear film to ensure separation of the pin and bushing. The lubricant must also have the ability to penetrate the fine tolerances and stop corrosion of the bearing surface.


So what are the additives best suited for chain lubrication that will increase the life extension of this equipment?


Extreme Pressure Additives

Under excessive load, continuous film can be squeezed from the fine tolerances in a chain so it is important that the lubricant has EP additives to provide boundary lubrication to protect the contact zone of the pin and bushing.


Removal of dust, dirt and abrasive contaminants that collect inside the pin and bushing area; each re-lubrication should wash away this debris.


Antioxidants prevent the build-up of sticky residues found in some petroleum based products.

Corrosion Inhibitors

These protect metal from corrosion which ruin bearing surfaces and increase wear.

We have created a chain lubricant low enough in viscosity to penetrate into critical internal bearing surfaces with the necessary additives to maintain effective film strength in prevailing conditions. It has the pressure to maintain the desired lubricating qualities in the harshest environments as well as freeing the chain of contamination and corrosion.

Remember a chain is a precision machine with moving parts; without sufficient appropriate lubrication the life can be short lived. Chesterton 601 Chain Drive Pin & Bushing Lubricant provides a long lasting non-drying film which effectively lubricates metal surfaces so they run smoothly with far less wear.

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