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Our Culture

Our employees are critical to the success of Imatech. The Imatech workforce operates in an entrepreneurial environment which instills a sense of ownership for each individual in his or her area of the business. The company structure treats and rewards each employee as a profit centre. This unique arrangement fosters a responsive, customer-focused climate and keeps the organisation dynamic and flexible to efficiently meet changing market, customer and technical challenges.

Each individual in Imatech embodies the fundamental values of the organisation which are based on respect for customers, suppliers, colleagues and other stakeholders. Imatech employees are proud of their company’s strong reputation and conduct their business ethically while upholding the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

They are driven to provide lasting solutions and are continually looking for the best available products to achieve this. Our technical expertise, combined with our product knowledge, enables the Imatech Team to think outside the square and frequently come up with innovative solutions for new and existing issues. We believe that the ability to think innovatively and act faster than our competitors gives us an advantage in the markets we serve.

Imatech Leadership

Imatech’s management is highly qualified and we have extensive experience in a wide variety of business environments and management positions.

Warwick J. Rule – Chairman Imatech Group

Imatech’s Founder and Managing Director, Warwick J. Rule, graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Science  in 1967 and a Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honors and University Medal in 1969. In addition, he completed his Masters in Business and Technology in 1995.

Following his university studies, Warwick worked in many industries as a professional engineer including Mining, Mineral Beneficiation, Mineral Refining, Chemical Manufacture, Contracting and Original Equipment Manufacturing. Besides his busy management tasks, Warwick has a passion for Science and Technology and devotes much of his time supporting the development of the innovative solutions that Imatech delivers.