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ArmorPIPE® Fittings are custom designed and manufactured ‘bolt in-bolt out’ replacement components. Their enhanced leading edge protection and lining bias, with reinforced protection in high wear areas, optimise your system, increase system life and avoid high replacement costs.

Any existing components can be rebuilt and upgraded to ArmorPIPE® specifications to increase resistance to abrasion and improve efficiency.  Rather than use a ‘one fits all’ approach, we choose the most appropriate ceramic composite materials and lining thickness for your application to enhance performance at a realistic price and reduce your downtime. By an assessment of your process conditions and service requirements, we can provide the most cost effective pipe solutions.


  • Tough linings will not crack or delaminate; linings ‘wear out’ not ‘fall out’
  • Our customised solutions are ‘bolt in-bolt out’ replacements
  • ArmorPIPE® designs maintain the original hydraulic radius
  • Wear monitoring systems available
  • Repairable lining systems – fabricate once and maintain for the life of the plant
  • Custom designed and optimised for your application

 ArmorPIPE® FittingsArmorPIPE® FittingsArmorPIPE® FittingsArmorPIPE® FittingsArmorPIPE® Fittings