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ArmorBEND® ceramic reinforced bends and elbows are designed to address the higher levels of abrasion at the point of impingement of an elbow.  They are highly reinforced with a tough, energy absorbing, repairable, monolithic ArmorPIPE® ceramic composite system. This addresses abrasion by having varying thicknesses of the composite lining throughout the component to ensure that high wear areas have the most protection.

ArmorBEND® has proven to be a genuine ‘bolt in-bolt out’ replacement that maximises the component life while still honouring the original hydraulic radius. Our repairs ensure that the component is returned to service at a fraction of the initial purchase price.


  • Components are ’bolt in-bolt out’ replacements
  • Rebated flanges can be incorporated to protect the flange face from undercutting
  • Repairable linings mean you pay for pipe fabrication only once
  • Energy absorbent ceramic lining will not crack or delaminate
  • Significantly extend component life over concentrically lined fittings
  • Custom designed and optimised for your application
  • Wear monitoring pins are available