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Imatech Energy Technologies are committed to delivering a broad range of quality insulation, pipe lagging and sheet metal fabrication products and services, that are the industry standard for moisture absorption, non-toxicity, thermal conductivity and operating temperature. We can tailor our pipe lagging to suit your applications and provide you with cost-effective and quality products for any piping system, be it plastic, copper, aquatherm or fusiotherm etc.

Our specialists are backed up by years of extensive knowledge and expertise that enables them to work with safety and efficiency around all industrial and commercial insulation applications, such as, boiler walls, tanks and steam systems, process and utility piping, hot and cold insulation and marine cryogenic insulation.

We can ensure that your pipe lagging projects are delivered on time while being energy efficient, durable and also improving the performance of their lighting, heating and cooling capabilities. The services we offer in sheet metal and fabrications are:

  • Hot and cold pipework insulation
  • Tanker insulation and repairs
  • Generator exhausts and mufflers
  • Stationary tanks
  • Ductwork insulation
  • Refrigerant pipework insulation
  • Pipework cladding
  • Associated sheet metal cladding
  • General light gauge sheet metal
  • Flexible removable insulation mats
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