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Chain reliability is often overlooked in day-to-day operations.  The associated costs of retensioning clean up caused by build-up and contamination of traditional chain lubricants, are not always considered in the overall cost of maintenance or in the interruption to the production process.

Industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce energy consumption; properly lubricated chains will reduce load on motors and can lead to considerable savings in energy costs.

Product characteristics of our lubricants:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Rapid penetration
  • Pressure additives to increase load carrying ability
  • Detergency additives – no dust and dirt build up
  • Corrosion inhibiting properties
  • Long lasting, non-drying films
  • No sticky lubricant residues
  • Penetrates close tolerances
  • Non-carbonising and low evaporation rate (synthetics)
  • Broad temperature ranges
  • Food grade available
  • NSF registered