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Why should you consider Imatech Cutting Edge Technologies over all the other lubrication suppliers in the market?  What makes us different? We are passionate about lubrication. We take the business of lubrication seriously and we are giving lubrication back the respect it deserves!

There is not one lubrication provider that doesn’t claim they can save you money, increase productivity, or reduce downtime. They think they can, we know we can and we prove it!

Nothing excites us more than the challenge of comparing our lubrication solutions against our competitors. We take your current lubrication program and compare performance with our Chesterton solution.  We then continue to monitor the performance of your assets ensuring they actually do save money.

We use only AW Chesterton lubrication products, with almost 130 years experience in providing solutions to industry worldwide. Not all greases and lubricants are the same; lubrication is a science and we understand the science. Chesterton design specific products for specific applications so that we can determine what product to use, how much to use and how often to use it.

Our team are experts in the business of lubrication, they are not sales reps, they are problem solvers. Staff training is ongoing, we never stop learning. We listen! We understand that nobody knows their business better than you; we work with you to solve your problems.

We are an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Company.

We specialise in the lubrication of chains, wire ropes and bearings. By properly lubricating an asset, ensuring exactly the right amount of product at the appropriate time will ensure your equipment will operate more efficiently and in most cases lead to a reduction in energy consumption. Our products can address specific issues; load or extreme pressure, corrosion, extreme temperature and contamination.