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ArmorPIPE® Engineered Ceramic Segments are ceramics bonded in rubber, that are designed to combine the abrasion resistant properties of ceramic along with the energy absorbing properties of modern elastomers; for your pipe lining. Utilising proprietary surface treatments, the bond between the ceramic and the elastomer is greater than the tensile strength of the latter (circa 27580 kpa/4000 psi).

Unlike traditional ceramic tiles that become brittle as they wear, crack and then disbond, the ArmorPIPE® Engineered Ceramic Segments wear down entirely over time; resulting in a very cost effective and reliable solution for high tonnage large diameter pipe services. These flexible elastomers provide superior protection from impact and thermal cycling; increasing the duration of your system life and time intervals between each shutdown.


  • High levels of abrasion resistance without the brittleness typically associated with traditional ceramics
  • Flexible elastomers provide protection from impact and thermal cycling
  • Custom blended elastomers are available to provide resistance to a variety of chemicals including acids, alkalies and hydrocarbons