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ArmorPIPE® Technologies is a leader in providing engineered abrasion resistant piping systems to the mining and mineral processing sectors, handling abrasive slurries and mine backfill.

ArmorPIPE® was born as a result of industry demand for a dedicated service providing pipe lining and pipe coating technology to meet specific client and market requirements in abrasive material handling. We have developed material and proprietary pipe lining technology solely for the purpose of providing exceptional levels of resistance to abrasion, protection from corrosion and erosion in pipe bends and associated fittings.

Imatech’s engineered abrasion resistant pipe systems are an economical solution that provide durability, increased system reliability, production security and reduced maintenance requirements. ArmorPIPE® abrasion resistant pipes and components are custom-designed and manufactured to deliver products with optimised wear characteristics for each individual application.


Custom designed pipe bends that deliver optimal wear characteristics for each individual application


Piping systems lined with high grade engineered ceramic particles for extremely abrasive environments


Innovative reinforced ceramic pipe lining