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The TigerTRED® anti-slip range is designed for the ultimate long term safety flooring, stair treads and anti-slip performance, in harsh industrial conditions, that meet your OH&S requirements. We are so confident in our safety stairs and anti-slip products that they come with a life time warranty!

Why TigerTRED®?

  • These stair treads have unrivalled durability and resistance to many types of wear.
  • Highest possible slip resistance and anti-slip coating.
  • Extreme resistance in the harshest chemical environments
  • Innovative accident prevention with safety message on stair nosings
  • Easy to install, wash and maintain TigerTRED® step treads
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Anti-slip and safety management services

TigerTRED® Safety Management Services

We offer site and multi-site anti-slip and wide safety management services that ensure you are always informed about the condition of floor, stair and ladder surfaces on the premises. Take advantage of our complimentary services which include periodic inspections of your site by our experienced staff. We offer detailed reports of the condition of all foot traffic areas on your site and provide tailored anti-slip solutions.


Industry anti-slip and resistance ratings


Extreme resistance and durability of stairs treads, in the harshest chemical environments


Anti-slip coatings for stair treads offer unrivalled durability and resistance for many types of wear.


Industry slip resistance ratings

TigerTRED® Brochure

TigerTRED® Product Range

  • Stair Nosings
  • Concrete Anti-Slip Re-Surfacing
  • Stair Tread and Ladder Rung Covers
  • Anti-Slip Floor Plates
  • Complete Non-Slip Stair Treads