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Corrosion control presents a significant challenge and expense to industries; resulting in compromised plant reliability, high replacement costs, loss of production and safety issues. Research and development into corrosion control solutions has led to significant advances in the range of protective coatings available. These coatings provide high performance, durable, corrosion control solutions that are much more effective than traditional paints. Imatech Abrasion & Corrosion specialises in providing effective anti-corrosion coating solutions to protect your plant, its components and extend equipment life.

Our advanced composite ceramic coatings offer high bond strength, to resist under film corrosion with high permeation resistance; resisting osmosis from a wide range of aggressive chemicals. We offer a complete range of protective coatings designed for specific industrial applications. Our effective corrosion control solutions safeguard your industrial assets and reduce downtime and production costs to effectively protect your investments.