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Imatech Abrasion and Corrosion is a leader in ceramic coatings that provide superior protection from abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack to metal and concrete surfaces.

With industries facing adverse environmental conditions that attack components and structures, resulting in compromised plant reliability, reduced safety and lost profits, protective coatings is a significant necessity.

Our high performance epoxy coatings and ceramic composites provide you with long-term protection from abrasion and corrosion; avoiding costly structural rebuilds. Our abrasion and corrosion control not only simplifies your maintenance procedures, but also reduces your downtime; directly impacting the bottom line of your company.

Our experienced team of specialists provide ongoing project management and site services for all types of works where abrasion and corrosion can cause issues. We work with our clients to deliver economical long term abrasion and corrosion solutions; utilising the latest technology lining and wear resistant coating systems.





Advanced Ceramic Reinforced Rapid Repair

For emergency repair and protection against

corrosion, abrasion and erosion.


Abrasion & Corrosion Corporate Brochure